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About Me

I’m Nicholas Woode-Smith. I was born on the 3rd of October 1995 in Cape Town, South Africa, where I still reside. I have my finger in many pies, partaking in quite a few projects and jobs. The purpose of this page is to attempt to segment these aspects of myself so you can understand a bit about me and what I do.


I matriculated from high school in 2014 from St George’s Grammar School with specialties in history, business and visual art. I served as debate team captain from 2012 onwards till 2014 and President of the Student Council in 2014.

I graduated from the University of Cape Town with majors in Economic History and Philosophy and minors in International Relations, Politics and English in 2017. I was on the Dean’s Merit list for my second year in 2016. I founded the Cape Town branch of African Students For Liberty, providing an intellectual home for liberal students on campus.

My academic interests are divided by topic:


All history has something to offer. My specialties are:

  • Economic History (specifically about institutions and state policy)
  • British Empire
  • World War One
  • World War Two


  • Terrorism
  • Institutional development
  • Sovereignty
  • State collapse


  • Political Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Moral Epistemology
  • Existentialism


  • Free Markets
  • State Controls
  • Currency
  • Financial History

Site Disclaimer

The views expressed in the essays on this site may not completely accurately represent my current views. The reason for this are two-fold. First, these essays were written over quite a few years, and my views have changed on many topics, as is only natural. Secondly, many of these essays were written for a particular audience, that required creative phrasing and information presentation to fulfill a mandate. While I do my best to always be intellectually honest, some essays on this site may not be as radical as my true views at the time.